Winning Moves joined The Growth Company, a social enterprise, in 2023. We are now proudly an integral part of its research and advisory service, Growth Company Insight.

Growth Company Insight (GCI) provides purpose-driven research and advice services. Alongside our sister company, ekosgen and Growth Company colleagues, we help public, private and third-sector clients make better informed decisions. Our clients draw on the combined skills and experience from our collective enterprise.

GCI Insight

Together, we bring deep subject matter expertise to a broad offer of services, applying creative thinking that leads to new solutions. In addition to Winning Moves existing services offer, as Growth Company Insight, we can support you with service design for efficient delivery, technical help to secure funding and planning approvals, advice on operational performance. GCI has the in-house expertise to help organisations make better decisions and a positive impact.

Working from four bases and remotely across the UK, Growth Company Insight’s 40+ consultants work collaboratively with a wide range of clients, and together as a team, to bring insight and find solutions. As a social enterprise, we are committed to generating social value and helping our clients have a more positive impact on place, people, the economy and the world around us

To learn more about GC Insight and The Growth Company, please visit the GCI website.

Together, the Growth Company, ekosgen and Winning Moves aim to be a market-leading team that helps economic development organisations and businesses create a better world.
Simon Hooton Managing Director, GC Insight