Winning Moves enables businesses, and those who support them, to deliver high performance through digital adoption.

We draw on 25 years of experience in delivering digital support solutions and expert research capabilities to advise business support organisations on how to increase digital adoption amongst SMEs. Our programmes of support and software solutions increase productivity, resilience and growth, leading to a positive economic impact in the areas that we serve.

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Digital Consultancy and Support

Deep expertise. Proven impact.

Our consultants offer a wide range of support that enables businesses, and those who support them, to thrive in today’s competitive digital marketplace.
  • 1000s of SMEs supported
  • Enhanced business performance
  • Regional and national impact
  • Actionable knowledge for decision makers
  • Greater innovation
  • Increased productivity, resilience and growth


Digital Specialist Support

Our technology experts provide one-to-one support to help businesses adopt the technology, skills and capabilities needed to deliver powerful customer experiences and drive growth. They have a deep understanding of technology and also know how to build scalable business models. Our advice is objective, unbiased and specific to each business’s needs.

Digital Road Mapping

We have supported 100s of businesses to deliver high performance through digital road maps. Based on a simple fourstage process, the maps pinpoint how technology can improve the business and accelerate its vision and goals. Like a satnav, the maps help participants arrive at their chosen destination on time and via the quickest, most effective route.

Benchmark Index

Through our industry-leading diagnostic platform, Benchmark Index, Winning Moves offers a powerful suite of digital assessments to drive business improvement. These tools enable businesses to identify their current strengths and weaknesses and provide a firm base from which they can decide where their time and funds could best be invested.


Digital Training

We offer a wide range of high quality, online masterclasses and short courses for SMEs to help them build their knowledge and confidence in digital tools. The courses, delivered by technology experts, cover the full range of digital adoption, from building a strategy and choosing the right digital tools, to cybersecurity, harnessing AI, and digital marketing.

Digital Tech Portals

Our bespoke online digital tech portals are a one-stop shop of business support resources for SMEs. The portals bring together high quality learning materials and resources, alongside available business support and funding opportunities. Practical and easy to understand, the content is delivered through a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate.

Business Engagement

While most businesses recognise that digital technology presents an opportunity, many are unsure of the return on time and money invested. Developed over two decades, we have deep experience in engaging SMEs in business support initiatives. We are able to reach the targeted audience, as well as convert them into action. Our effective campaigns cover the full mix of marketing channels, including website development, video case studies, webinars, articles, emails, social media and networking events.

Research & Intelligence

Winning Moves are experts in researching and gathering intelligence on business behaviours, characteristics and attitudes towards the adoption of digital technology. Our highly regarded in-house research and evaluation team support programme design through the development and delivery of robust and insightful research.

Digital Transformation Framework

Drive high performance and increase productivity

Our Digital Transformation Framework is used by economic development and business support organisations to drive high performance and increase productivity in their local economies through digital adoption. Developed in partnership with Aston University and investment from Innovate UK, the framework provides a platform to assess how effectively practices drive business performance, and facilitates review of how businesses can harness technology to accelerate growth. Structured around five value dimensions, the framework underpins Winning Moves’ digital transformation offer.
Caption: Surf Works discusses how they benefitted from the Worcester County Council Elevate programme
Our consultant was superb. His support made both an immediate and long-term significant, positive impact on our business. We’re extremely grateful for the service and value the ongoing support too.
Victoria Hill PROMIND Coaching

Digital Consultancy Case Studies

A sampling of our recent work

Case Study

Digital Cheshire increases productivity through digital adoption

Understanding that an increase in productivity is not only good for businesses, but also the economy, Cheshire East Borough Council created Digital Cheshire to help businesses grow through digital solutions. Winning Moves delivered the programme.

Case Study

Helping Worcestershire SMEs and manufacturers grow though technology

Commissioned to provide businesses across Worcestershire with an injection of specialist advice to accelerate their digital adoption and support manufacturers on their journey to Industry 4.0, Winning Moves supported 60 companies across two projects.

Case Study

Increasing digital adoption in Cumbria

Winning Moves took a multi-pronged approach to supporting Cumbria SMEs in their adoption of digital technology. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

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