Benchmark Index is a suite of powerful and proven business diagnostic tools designed to help businesses, and those who support them, increase growth and productivity.

Our diagnostics are backed by a unique database of more than 120,000 global businesses, providing unparalleled data for objective comparison. Benchmark Index creates an objective view of strengths and weaknesses, providing a firm foundation to focus improvement activities in areas that lead to the greatest impact. Practical and easy to use, with more than 150 themed and sector tools to choose from, Benchmark Index offers flexibility and choice, including a bespoke option.


The Gold Standard in Business Diagnostics

Used in 45+ countries across five continents

Used in more than 45 countries across five continents, Benchmark Index has been an industry-leading benchmarking and business diagnostic tool for economic development and business support agencies for 25 years. More than 500,000 businesses have benefitted from the platform. Our clients include national and local governments and third-sector organisations such as IPK Fraunhofer, the United Nations, the governments of Australia, South Africa and the UK, and local business support organisations.
  • Unique database of 120,000+
  • Used by 500,000+ businesses
  • Increases productivity, resilience and growth


Unparalleled insight

The Benchmark Index diagnostic platform provides a wide-range benefits to local businesses and economic support advisors.
  • Identifies businesses with the highest growth potential
  • Connects business engagement journeys from initial contact to impact
  • Offers a single customer view, removing duplication
  • Provides an objective assessment of practices and performance
  • Pinpoints areas that will increase productivity and drive growth
  • Eliminates diagnosis fatigue
  • Focuses on future potential
  • Aggregates nationwide data

Benchmark Index Products

A suite of powerful and proven benchmarking diagnostic tools

BI Support Platform

Enhancing the quality and impact of business support for UK businesses.

BI Business

Increasing business productivity, resilience and growth.

BI Scale Up

Enabling Businesses to achieve high growth.

BI Supply Chain

Driving supply chain developments by ensuring businesses are ‘fit to supply’.

BI Digital

Driving supply chain developments by ensuring businesses are ‘fit to supply’.

BI Cyber

Keeping businesses safe from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Transform your business support offer with Benchmark Index
Benchmark Index continues to drive international competitiveness and is the cornerstone of our enterprise development and productivity improvement.
Prof. Holger Kohl Director Division Corporate Management, IPK Fraunhofer

Business Diagnostics Case Studies

How Benchmark Index helps businesses to grow

Case Study

Benchmark Index helps Devon business leaders upskill

Digital Advantage Devon sought a digital tool that could assess a businesses' current digital maturity level, as well as track their progress over time. Benchmark Index delivered.

Case Study

Identifying Liverpool businesses with high growth potential

Winning Moves was commissioned by Liverpool's Growth Platform to develop a diagnostic resource to provide a robust understanding of individual SMEs and the ability to identify businesses with high growth potential.

Case Study

Building a more impactful business support ecosystem

The North East Growth Hub Cluster wanted a platform to better align and integrate the collective endeavours of all stakeholders to deliver transformational impact.

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