Winning Moves contacts work to solve our conundrum and save Christmas!

We set a tricky Christmas conundrum to get your brains working in the run up to Christmas and we had nine correct answers. Well done to the following clever conundrum crackers:

  • Charles Payne (Business Aspirations)
  • Graham Peers (Leicestershire Promotions Limited)
  • Jan Gallagher (Enterprise Ireland)
  • Karen Morbey (West Midlands Growth Company)
  • Jacques Gautron 
  • David Evans (Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce)
  • Arthur David 
  • Eamonn O'Connor (Commercial Finance Broke)
  • Nicola Kent (Staffordshire County Council)


The conundrum we set you was: 

We have to get a child, Santa and a present to the child's home in time for Christmas. The problem is, our sleigh only takes one passenger at a time and we will have to make several journeys. If we leave the child alone with Santa, they might get suspicious that Santa isn’t real, which will spoil Christmas. If we leave the child alone with the present, they will be tempted to open it and also spoil Christmas. Help us to solve the conundrum and get all three home without spoiling Christmas. (The gift also counts as a ‘passenger’ – so we can’t take Santa and the gift for example)


And the answer was of course:

1) Take the child home in the sleigh, 2) go back to collect the present 3) leave the present at home but take the child back with you on the return leg 3) ask the child to get out of the sleigh so Santa can get in, and leave the child there 4) take Santa home 5) go back and pick up the child. And Christmas won't be spoiled!

However, some of you raised valid concerns about leaving a child alone, which we obviously wouldn't condone outside of this fictional conundrum! And a special mention goes to Jan Gallagher from Enterprise Ireland who made us laugh with her alternative solution: "Post the parcel, send the child as an unaccompanied minor on public transport & stop wrecking Santa’s head"!


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