Winning Moves is now proudly part of The Growth Company. Together with ekosgen, we form GC Insight, a purpose-driven research and advice service that brings insight to changemakers through research, evaluation, technology and know-how to create better tom

The Growth Company (GC) is an award-winning, accredited, social enterprise with a mission to enable growth, create jobs and improve lives. For 30 years, they have helped to generate hundreds of millions of pounds of investment, helped to upskill and place hundreds of thousands of people in work or progress their careers, as well as worked with tens of thousands of businesses to start, grow, internationalise or become environmentally-friendly.

Introducing Growth Company Insight

Together, Winning Moves, Growth Company and ekosgen, a specialist economic development and regeneration consultancy, will form Growth Company Insight. Under this group umbrella, they intend to be a market-leading team that will provide actionable and reliable insights to organisations, businesses and changemakers to improve their impact. The Growth Company established its consulting arm in 2021 following the acquisition of ekosgen. 

With a history of working collaboratively with GC, formalizing their alliance was a natural next step for Winning Moves.  

"I am extremely confident that together we will be greater than the sum of our parts." said Debs Secker, Managing Director of Winning Moves.   

Winning Moves will continue to trade independently and together with their new partners, under 'GC Insight’ - offering clients their combined breadth of services from its pool of 40-plus consultants for research and advisory work.

"While we make some changes behind the scenes, we remain the same Winning Moves, with the same fantastic staff, and the same high standards of delivery," said Secker.  

GC Insight now has four office sites in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and London.

Simon Hooton is Managing Director of GC Insight and will be co-ordinating the team’s growth and diversification. He joined the Growth Company in early 2022 after previously being a senior director at Regeneris Consulting. 

“This is the culmination of many months of work and builds on the Growth Company’s commitment to create a compelling commercial consulting offer with purpose," said Hooton. 

“Winning Moves has a really strong reputation in its core markets and a very capable team of researchers and advisors, which we want to grow. The Growth Company is committed to supporting the Winning Moves team to realise its potential in our social enterprise model alongside the rest of our GC Insight team.

“This investment allows us to deliver creative thinking on new solutions, service design for efficient delivery, technical help to secure approvals, advice on operational performance, and impact evaluation to measure value for money."

For more information about GC Insight, visit the website.  

For more information on The Growth Company, visit the website.  





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