ISO 20252:2019 Statement of Applicability

Winning Moves Limited is a market, opinion and social research organisation.

Winning Moves delivers research and evaluation services to primarily government or publicly funded organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Winning Moves has elected to include:

  • Sampling (including access panels)

  • Fieldwork

  • Physical observation

  • Self completion

  • Data management and processing

To be attested to this document in accordance with Annexes A, B, C, E & F of ISO 20252:2019. Winning Moves has elected to exclude Digital Observation (Annex D of ISO 20252:2019) from the attestation.

Details of Winning Moves attested annexes are as follows:





A – Sampling (including access panels)



We specify and design sample frames for research projects. Regarding the types of samples specified in Annex A:

>      Probability samples – yes, we do this inhouse

>      Non-probability samples – yes, we do this inhouse

And sample sources specified in Annex A:

>      Access panels – we occasionally buy in access panel services for which we specify the sample design

>       Databases created for any purpose different than participating in research data collection activities – yes, we often use such databases inhouse e.g. membership organisation lists or lists of people participating in a policy or programme

>      Statistical data – yes, we sometimes utilise statistical data as a sample source e.g. the Interdepartmental Business Register

>      Other sources, including, but not limited to, river sampling – we have used processes to ask potential respondents to ‘opt-in’ to research, but not river sampling

B – Fieldwork



We offer data collection using fieldwork methodologies both directly (predominantly) and as a subcontracted service (sometimes). Fieldwork methodologies we use include CATI surveys, online surveys, depth and semi-structured telephone/online interviews, depth face to face, focus groups, diaries and observation. Predictive dialling is not used.

C – Physical Observation



On occasion we offer data collection using physical observational methodologies directly (e.g. observing an event / training session) or on occasion as subcontracted services.

D – Digital Observation



We do not undertake digital observation either directly, or as a subcontracted service.

E – Self Completion



We offer data collection using self completion methodologies. The methodologies we use are online (CAWI) or offline (e.g. paper questionnaire, or diary entries). Services may be delivered inhouse or subcontracted.

F – Data Management & Processing



We offer data management and processing services directly, and on occasion subcontracted out. We undertake data entry, cleaning, coding, editing, weighting, file preparation, tabulation and additional analysis.

1.1 Legal Requirements, Codes and Guidelines

The legal requirements relevant to delivery of the SoA are:

  • Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Codes and guidelines relevant to delivery of the SoA are:

  • Market Research Society Code of Conduct

  • Government Social Research Ethical Assurance for Social and Behavioural Research

Optional certifications relevant to delivery of the SoA are:

  • ISO 20252:2019

  • Cyber Essentials

1.2      Company Information

  • Company number | 03069806 

  • Address | 102 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3AG

  • Phone | 0121 285 3800 

  • Email |  

  • Information Commissioner Office Registration no | Z6399957 

You can verify that we are a bona fide market research consultancy by contacting the Market Research Society (MRS) on freephone 0500 396 999. 

Date of Board Approval: 18/10/2022

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